ntsf sd suv ukoed paul scheer sherlock 'NTSF:SD:SUV::' heads to London in 2 part 'U KO'ed': Next? Maybe space

“NTSF:SD:SUV::” is about to take viewers somewhere they’ve never been on the Adult Swim show: the United Kingdom. Well, they sort of do, anyway. The series’ half-hour event episode, titled “U-KO’ed,” was filmed in London despite the fact the episode is supposed to be set in San Diego’s Little Britain.

The special two-part episode will have the San Diego-based National Terrorism Strike Force unit meet their Little Britain counterparts, the Socialist Terrorism Task Force: United Kingdom: Double Decker Bus (STTF:UK:DDB::). The UK special spoofs the likes of “Sherlock” and “Luther,” and memorably features British star Karen Gillan putting on her best Rhode Island accent (it’s actually quite good).

Now that creator Paul Scheer convinced Adult Swim to ship him and his cast off to London for an episode that’s supposed to be set in the United States, where does the cast want the show to go next? “To outer space. I mean, where else?” “NTSF” star and Scheer’s real-life wife June Diane Raphael tells Zap2it at a screening event for “U-KO’ed.” “The show just keeps on getting crazier and crazier.”

Scheer has his own plans for how weird they can take the series. He’s all for spoofing popular genres — take his new show “Filthy Sexy Teen$,” for instance — and next he would like to take on summer blockbusters.

“I’m going to say ‘Pacific Rim,'” he quips of what pop culture subjects he’d like to tackle next. “We’ll definitely have the robots. We have to have some monsters come in.”

Whatever “NTSF:SD:SUV::” does in the future, Scheer wants to go as nuts with it as he can. In Season 2, an episode called “Time Angels” starred Kali Hawk, Stacy Keibler and Natasha Leggero, and was set completely apart from the normal plot of “NTSF.” In 2013, another Time Agents episode with new stars — Eliza Dushku, Jayma Mays and Santigold — similarly departed from the series’ usual cast of characters, and Scheer says the plan is to keep coming up with weird in-series spinoffs like that.

“I would love it,” Scheer says of making more Time Angels episodes. “I love doing that and Jayma Mays is so funny. We just want to keep trying that sort of stuff.”

He continues, “We’re just trying to blow out the form as much as we can and see how much life it has. I feel like we have maybe like two more seasons and then we’ll try to do something else. … To me it’s like if we run out of stuff we’ll stop, but these shows really allow themselves to do whatever they want.”

Raphael has her own dreams for “NTSF’s” future storylines. In her perfect world, fans would get an entire episode that shows her character Piper’s backstory and how she became an agent.

“I have pitched several times just a whole flashback episode to my college years, because I am completely different. I am nothing like who I am now, just like superficial and like I’m just a terrible person,” she says.

For Season 4, Scheer says he hopes Rebecca Romijn will return to reprise her role as Jessie. He also says he’ll take advantage of star Gillan’s bald head that she has for “Guardians of the Galaxy” if she wants.

“If Karen is bald by the time we are shooting again — which she may or may not be — for sure,” Scheer says. “Whatever she wants to do, because she does have a wig made of her own hair now. It was in the process of still being made [at San Diego Comic-Con]. It was so scary because we were going around Comic-Con and we were just hoping that no one would pick up on the fact that it was not her hair and then she was able to do the big reveal.”

“NTSF:SD:SUV::” airs Thursday on Adult Swim at 12:15 a.m.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz