Lady Gaga‘s first public appearance after hip surgery was fully in character for the never-conventional star. The singer kicked off the New York City Pride Parade of 2013 with a short speech and the singing of “The Star Spangled Banner” — with a few lyrical changes included.

Most of the song was your standard singing of the familiar song. But toward the end of her version of the national anthem, the Mother Monster altered the words slightly.

“Oh say does that star spangled flag of pride yet wave/ O’er the land of the free and a home for the gay?”

You can’t argue that the lyrics weren’t appropriate for the setting, but some might question the wisdom of changing the words to a national anthem. For some, those words are sacred. Any changes — especially controversial changes — are cause for resentful anger.

On the other hand, who does it hurt to change a few words so that a song of pride reflects a changing and inclusive world? Lady Gaga may have simply given voice to feelings experienced by many on the first Pride Day after the Supreme Court struck down DOMA.

Posted by:Laurel Brown