obama birth certificate mug Obama birth certificate mug: Some validation with your coffee?A very important piece of news has surfaced in the political sphere this Friday morning: President Barack Obama has upgraded his Facebook page to the new Timeline layout. We hope that the people of America will take time today to reflect on how this change will influence their day-to-day lives.

The President’s Campaign’s social media team writes, “Take a tour of the new Barack Obama Facebook timeline to see the story of this president and this organization as told from the very beginning.” According to the Official Facebook, Barack Obama’s life began with a mug.

Kind of. It began with a birth, an American birth, the proof of which is now on a mug on his Facebook timeline. In a highly insensitive move that will surely give the GOP a leg up, the social media team neglected to include a link to where supporters can buy said mug. What if we, the people, want to feel superior to the birther conspiracy theorists while we enjoy our morning half-caf? (Just kidding. Who drinks half-caf?)

As for Obama’s Timeline “Cover” — we know you were wondering, as a Facebook Timeline cover is basically the most crucial way to tell people who you really are — the President and his team chose to highlight job creation in the U.S. over the course of Obama’s three-ish years in office.

So while you’re at work, procrastinating, and messing around on Facebook, just know… the president got you that job, and you better use it.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie