saints packers obama nfl getty Obama's job speech to wrap before NFL season kickoffThe nearly 60,000 unemployed people in New Orleans and Green Bay can rest easy. President Barack Obama’s nationally-televised jobs speech will finish before the Saints play the Packers in Thursday’s (Sept. 8) NFL season opener.

White House spokesman Jay Carney says that Obama’s address to Congress
will conclude before the 8:30 p.m. ET football broadcast begins.

can assure you that, for all you football fans, that he will be
completed before kickoff,” Jay Carney says. He adds, “It means that
he’ll have the opportunity to watch the game like millions of other

The President has been under fire for his efforts to fix the struggling economy and reduce the unemployment rate that’s currently at 9.1 percent. As a result, he’s chosen to broadcast his plans for jump starting consumer confidence and increasing business spending.

This is the second such issue to emerge in regards to Obama’s speech.

On Wednesday (Aug. 31), the White House agreed to push the presentation back a night after Speaker of the House John Boehner noted logistical issues with the initial date choice. While Boehner never mentioned it specifically, the Sept. 7 date coincided with a Republican presidential debate.

Posted by:David Eckstein