nadyasuleman jimmykimmellive 290 Octomom schools Miss South Carolina Teen USA Caitlin Upton about babymaking on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'Remember Miss South Carolina Teen Caitlin Upton‘s 2007 pageant gaffe when asked about geography? “Jimmy Kimmel Live” does, so the show’s host plucked her from recent obscurity to drop Upton’s new knowledge on the world.

Upton’s done some learning — a year in college — so Kimmel sent her on assignment to learn where babies come from.

In part one, Upton talks to an unsuspecting shopper and an actual doctor about childbirth.

Armed with knowledge? Then you’ll want to watch part two, in which Upton quizzes Octomom Nadya Suleman about her

There’s talk of Suleman’s, uh, lady parts and virtual sperm on Upton’s skirt.

Now excuse us while we huddle in the corner and rock back and forth. You, meanwhile, can check out Upton’s famous geography lesson:

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