tyler the creator Odd Future to star in live action Adult Swim show

ODFWGKTA (Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All) frightens the bejeezus out of us, but we cannot look away. We hang on Tyler the Creator’s every word, hoping he will spew forth another string of non-sensical expletives. And now, we have a chance for that every week!

Odd Future is set to star in “Loiter Squad,” a live-action hybrid comedy show from Dickhouse, the Johnny Knoxville/Spike Jonze company behind “Jackass.”

“Loiter Squad” will feature pranks, music, man-on-the-street bits and presumably a ton of weird stuff that is eerily watchable. Keeping in step with other Adult Swim shows, each episode will be 15 minutes long. That seems an appropriate amount of time for your brain to melt each week.

So Tyler the Creator can make room on his awards shelf next to his Best New Artist VMA for his brand new whatever-award-it-is-they-give-to-15-minute-basic-cable-shows.

Posted by:janderson