489915377 'Odyssey' on NBC: Anna Friel and Jake Robinson's 'Traffic' like show of corruption and terrorism

NBC won’t air its new drama, “Odyssey,” until at least midseason, but the show’s themes of corruption and terrorism are relevant now as well. Stars Anna Friel (“Pushing Daisies”) and Jake Robinson attended the NBC upfronts red carpet and spoke to Zap2it about their upcoming show.

One of the most notable points they make is that this isn’t exactly your standard network show. At only 12 episodes and with three interconnected storylines, “Odyssey” has a limited length to go along with its shocking subject matter. “[NBC head] Bob Greenblatt is being so daring by making a cable-like show for network,” Friel says enthusiastically when asked about the feel of the program.

Her co-star agrees. “It’s definitely going to have the most comparisons to ‘Traffic,’ in that these three very distinct storylines with people who are going to come together in unexpected, exciting ways,” Robinson says. “It’s political, it’s military, it definitely delves into the corporate world. It also kind of deals with a lot of things that are going on right now — my character’s involved in the Occupy movement. There’s a lot of protest scenes in the first one — we’re protesting the G8. It’s stuff that you’ve seen on the news really. And kind of how corporations fund overseas terrorism and things like that — it’s a very real thing.”

“Odyssey” will air at some point in 2015 on NBC.

Posted by:Laurel Brown