sad oj simpson getty O.J. Simpson heading back to court with hopes of new trialO.J. Simpson will return to a Las Vegas courtroom on Monday (May 13) to fight for his freedom in relation to the 2008 trial that sent the former football star to prison for a bizarre hotel room robbery.

Convicted of armed robbery and kidnapping, Simpson is utilizing a writ of habeas corpus, often referred to as a “Hail Mary motion.” It claims that he had such bad representation this his conviction should be overturned and a new trial ordered. The AP notes that most defendants lose these motions.

Simpson, now 65 years old, has spent the last four years in prison and must serve at least nine years of his maximum 33-year sentence before he can even be eligible for parole. At that point, he would be 70. If he doesn’t win himself a new trial, he could likely spend the rest of his life behind bars.

A different judge will hear evidence on Simpson’s 19 claims of ineffective counsel and attorney conflict of interest. Simpson claims that his trial attorney never told him about a plea bargain that prosecutors had offered. He also argues that the same attorney knew about the memorabilia sting that landed him in jail and “he advised me that I was within my legal rights.”

Posted by:Billy Nilles