Warning: This tornado video contains profanity and is NSFW.

There are a lot of valid reasons to panic when faced with the arrival of a killer tornado. When an especially deadly and powerful tornado touched down in Moore, Oklahoma on Monday (May 20), panic and awe could be justified.

But for two guys driving a truck in the area, panic never even entered into the picture. No, they were far too chill for that. Fortunately, the men got away safely. Even more fortunately, they shot an amazing and hilarious (and very NSFW) video when the tornado hit.

Posted by Michael Trimmell, one of the two guys in the truck, even the title — “Just another Monday of May in Oklahoma May 20th 2013” — is pretty laid back. The best description may just be that provided by the video’s poster:

“May 20th 2013 that son o b**** just snuck up on us,so we hauled a** to get away from the mother f*****..I was helping Luke move some stuff from his old house on 149th st and i44 and we look up and there it is,so we got the h*** out of there.”

The video itself is endlessly entertaining (and profane), but possibly the best line of all is the first: “Mike and I, we might die.” That and the fairly calm discussion about the best route to the mall.

Why are the two guys so relaxed about all of this? Who knows? But keep in mind that these guys were in a pickup truck and staring at the wrath of nature. Panicking was never going to help anyway.

Posted by:Laurel Brown