Barbara Garcia thought she lost everything, including her pet dog, when a tornado in Oklahoma leveled her house. As she stood on top of the pile of rubble that was once here Moore, Okla. home, Garcia gave a live TV interview to CBS. She describes holding her dog in her arms as she took cover in a small bathroom, when the tornado touched down and destroyed her neighborhood.
“The electric went off in the bathroom about the same time I felt the stool come up out of the floor,” says Garcia, who found herself lying in the rubble when the tornado lifted. “I hollered for my little dog and he didn’t answer, or didn’t come,” she says. “So I know he’s in there somewhere.”
As Garcia relives the event, an off-camera crew member can suddenly be heard exclaiming, “The dog … the dog … ” Garcia looks down to find the face of her cherished pet poking out of the pile of debris. “Bless your little bitty heart,” Garcia says to the dog, as she calls for help freeing the animal from what could have been his grave. She can be heard whispering, “Thank you, God.” 
Garcia turns back to the camera and explains, “I thought God just answered one prayer, to let me be OK. He answered both of them.”

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