Old Spice has done it again. The body-spray manufacturer’s newest commercial, “Mom Song,” continues in a long line of odd and incredibly memorable ads. But is this one clever, or is it too creepy for its own good?

Commentary on the Old Spice ad hit the Internet hard after it aired during the Green Bay-San Francisco NFL game on Sunday (Jan. 5). Only available online for two days before that, suddenly Old Spice had another viral sensation on its hands.

The plot of the “Mom Song” commercial is as simple as it is strange. One mother after another sings a sad song of lament because her little boy has become a man. And it’s all thanks to his body spray.

That might be funny on its own, but Old Spice takes the joke a bit further. Mothers hide behind doors, slide out from under couch cushions, wear creepy masks and pop up out of the sand, all in an effort to reclaim their sons from the frightening adulthood that Old Spice has brought upon them. In the end, the main mother sits alone and knits sadly.

Is the ad effective? Would the commercial make someone want to buy Old Spice, or does it just inspire too many scary thoughts about horror-movie mothers?

Posted by:Laurel Brown