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No one would ever mistake director Oliver Stone as someone who isn’t political. The man behind “W.,” “Nixon” and “JFK” is taking aim at the current President of the United States, Barack Obama. While speaking to the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan, Stone aired his grievances with the President.
His chief complaint concerns Obama’s NSA surveillance program, which collects data about Americans. He believes that the government uses the information to not only find terrorists, but also to identify protesters as possible threats. He even claims that officials missed the Boston Marathon bombers, because they were too concerned looking for various protesters.
“It’s never about terrorists. It always becomes about the way J. Edgar Hoover did it; he brought all the weight of government to bear on protesters,” Stone says to the audience. “He didn’t like protesters. He thought they were left-wing communists. He never could find the proof, but by the time the Vietnam War came around, as you know, 500,000 people were on the list, and they were being eavesdropped on. Where are we now? Same place.”
Finally, Stone says, “Obama is a snake. He’s a snake and we have to turn on him,” which is met with light applause and a couple laughs from the assembled audience. Previously, the director has called Edward Snowden, the man who revealed the NSA’s surveillance program, a “hero.”
Check out the video of Stone’s comments about Obama below:

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