On the next 'Arrested Development': Mitch Hurwitz on what's after Season 4

“Arrested Development” Season 4 premiered on May 26, which means more than enough time has passed to ask what’s coming next for the Bluth family.

Series creator Mitch Hurwitz previously said he wants new “Arrested Development” every two to three years, while Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said the company is open to making more seasons. Then there’s the long talked about “Arrested Development” movie, which according to all reports is still in the works. Even though it’s not clear what will come next, Hurwitz promised during a recent conference call that fans will know about it when the next installment of the Bluth family saga is decided on.

“I don’t have a timeline yet. I don’t have a time table on that. I do want to work on it,” he says. “If there’s more, I promise you, we’ll put a date on it. The last time, it got out of hand.”

That means that there won’t be another situation where a Bluth reunion is promised for seven years. Hurwitz says he has a story planned for what comes next, even if he did finish Season 4 with what he thought was a satisfying ending.

“I really hope that if we were never to come back again and look back at the last episode and say, ‘Wow, look at that, [George Michael] broke out of the Bluth circle.’ The whole show is a circle and everybody is arrested, everybody keeps falling back in the same patterns,” Hurwitz says. “George Michael broke the circle. It’s loaded, and really what is the next step if you were to have that type of situation with your father, the closest person to you.”

Fortunately Hurwitz promises, “I do have answers for that,” but he says someone just needs to let him make it. That is easier said than done, as there a complicated cast schedules and rights issues to work out. Still, he seems to want a film to be the next installment of the Bluths’ saga.

“My hope was and is that we would do a theatrical movie. This is all complicated by the fact that there are existing rights. It’s not the kind of thing where we can go out and say Warner Bros. wants it and New Line wants it, et cetera, et cetera,” Hurwitz says. As for whether the movie could go straight to Netflix, he admits, “I’m sure there is a scenario where this is a made-for-Netflix movie,” though it hasn’t been explored yet.

 On the next 'Arrested Development': Mitch Hurwitz on what's after Season 4

Just like he played with the show’s format in Season 4, Hurwitz promises that he’s going to mess with the traditional model for either television or film with what he makes next. That, to him, is what keeps things interesting, and is why he saw eye-to-eye with Netflix to begin with. At least the cast still wants to work together, so there is a good chance of more “Arrested Development” in the future.

“I think if I’d done the exact same show I did last time, there would be blowback for that,” he says. “My interest is in telling the story of this family. I guess it’s kind of like give us the canvas and let’s see what we come up with.”

Hurwitz adds, “I hope that no matter what we do there will always be the suggestion of another step.”

There will be at least some new “Arrested Development” content fairly soon, though. Hurwitz says that there are scenes that weren’t included Season 4 that Netflix is going to roll out in the future in order to provide something new for fans to see. He also reveals one joke about “Mexican Romneys” that didn’t make the final cut of Season 4.

“George Sr. has this land in Mexico, and they were going to — I shouldn’t give this stuff away, oh my god — they were going to be constantly sort of spooked and chased off the by these really handsome men. I was going to try to get George Clooney and people like that,” he says. “It’s like, ‘Who are these guys? Who are these Mexicans that keep trying to get us off their property?’ At one point they were going to say, ‘We are the Mexican Romneys!’ Because there’s a whole sort of strain of Mexican Romneys down there from the period in which they were expatriates and intermarrying and whatever — I should say, polygamous marrying down there — his grandparents started a little camp down there.”

As for people reediting Season 4 into a new order, Hurwitz says he couldn’t be more pleased.

“I love it. It’s like sampling, you know? It’s really interesting,” Hurwitz says, admitting that he at one point talked to Netflix’s tech team to see if there was a way to allow viewers to press a button and jump to different characters’ perspectives within one scene. “Flattered is kind of an obnoxious word, but I’m very gratified that people are kind of taking this material and ingesting it. What could be a better thing? … I would say more than anything, I love the fact that it inspires creativity.”

Posted by:Terri Schwartz