captain hook colin odonoghue once upon a time 'Once Upon a Time's' Colin O'Donoghue: Hook could take Jamie Dornan's Huntsman

It has taken two and a half seasons for Emma and Hook to have a clear road to romantic bliss on ABC’s “Once Upon a Time”. With Neal out of the picture, ending the torturous love triangle, the only thing stopping these love birds is themselves — and maybe the cast saying they’d love for Storybrooke’s handsome Huntsman (Jamie Dornan) to return

“I think Hook could take anyone, to be honest, but I’m bound to say that.” Captain Hook actor Colin O’Donoghue brags to Zap2it in reference to any possible return of Sheriff Graham/The Huntsman. “Jamie is fantastic and a lovely guy. It’d be interesting to see how that would work, if there are any residuals from [Emma and Graham].” 
In the meantime, Season 4 will pick up almost immediately after Season 3 ends and Emma and Hook have some serious work to do to be together. “They are trying to figure out who they are and how, or if, they can make this relationship work,” O’Donoghue explains. “Emma has her walls up that she needs to figure out how to break down to make it work. It’s the same with Hook. He’s a pirate at heart and he’s lived for revenge and hatred. He’s trying to figure out if he can fit into this world and how he can make a relationship work.” 
Show runner Eddie Kitsis confirmed to E! Online that the lovebirds will be going on their first date in Season 4, but O’Donoghue mentioned there will be complications, especially with Regina still extremely upset that Emma inadvertently brought back Robin Hood’s wife, Marian, from the Enchanted Forest. “Marian coming back has thrown a wrench in the work,” the actor says. “The relationship between Emma and Regina is definitely affected by it a little bit. Folks should be excited to see the outcome of that.” 

captain hook colin odonoghue emma swan jennifer morrison kiss screencap 'Once Upon a Time's' Colin O'Donoghue: Hook could take Jamie Dornan's Huntsman
As for Hook himself, he will be busy in Season 4 adjusting to the modern world. After 300 years at sea, he finally has a chance to stretch his land legs and it may not be entirely comfortable. O’Donoghue, however, is excited for the challenge and the costume change. “Even though I love Hook’s costume, I’m looking forward to how he will feel in a modern-ish costume and how comfortable or uncomfortable he will be trying to fit into this world.” 
Hook will have to fit his new wardrobe fittings in with the “Frozen” characters making their way to Storybrooke. “Eddie [Kitsis] and Adam [Horowitz] have seamlessly managed to weave the story of ‘Frozen’ into the ‘Once Upon a Time’ universe and fans of the film and fans of the show will not be disappointed,” O’Donoghue promises. 

Now that Kitsis and Horowitz have opened up fairy tale lore to modern Disney classics, who else could be showing up in Storybrooke? O’Donoghue says they have their hands full with the “Frozen” characters, but he wouldn’t object to a king of the jungle showing up at the diner. “Just for fun I’d like to see how they’d fit ‘The Lion King’ in. I don’t know if that’s going to happen but I’d like to see it. I have a feeling Eddie, Adam and the writers could probably make it work,” the Irish actor confesses. 
Fans don’t have much longer to wait to see Hook back in action and see how he’ll deal with the new additions to town. “[Hook] might go back to being a little bit of bad boy,” O’Donoghue teases. “Who knows? We’ll see.” 
“Once Upon a Time” returns Sept. 28 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. Fans can catch up or re-live Season 3 when it comes out on DVD on August 19. 
Posted by:Megan Vick