once upon a time mideason finale post mortem 'Once Upon a Time' EPs tease whats coming in Fairytale Land, Storybrooke and beyond

“Once Upon a Time” finally returned from its midseason hiatus on Sunday (March 9), and so much went down in Fairtytale Land, New York City, and even a mysteriously reappeared Storybrooke, that Zap2it went straight to the showrunners to get some answers. 

“OUAT” creators Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz spilled the beans on what’s coming next for all our favorite characters and some wicked new ones that showed up in the final moments of “New York City Serenade.” Read on for all the scoop below:

Wicked isn’t coming … it’s here

While our favorite characters have no idea what they’re in for back in Fairytale Land, the audience got a glimpse of the Wicked Witch, and she was positively glowing with excitement for what she has planned. “The vengeance that she wants to enact is exactly what we’re going to get into the next episode,” Horowitz reveals.

Kitsis elaborates, “When we learn more about the Wicked Witch and her backstory and what happened, we’ll understand that what she has against Regina is kind of a global problem and an internal problem. But I think we can tease that those two are definitely going to get into it.”

The Wicked Witch is going to be this half of the season’s villain, so get used to seeing green. “We are so excited about this second half,” Kitsis says. “We’ll flash you back to the year that was, so that every episode we are unloading this mystery of what happened and who cursed us and who is this crazy green woman and as far as her origin story we will get into that. We’ll actually reveal that in episode 16 which is titled, ‘It’s Not Easy Being Green.'”

What can our Storybrooke/Fairytale Land residents expect from the Wicked Witch? “What she has planned, she does some things that are distasteful but she does it with style,” Kitsis teases.

Hook’s mission

Everyone’s favorite pirate has made it his mission to bring Emma back to Storybrooke, and now that she remembers her past, he’s well on his way to succeeding. “We’re going to learn a lot more about what happened to Hook in that intervening year and what led up to him getting that message,” Horowitz reveals.

And that includes the introduction of another pirate, Blackbeard, who may not have the best relationship with Hook. “He does not shower very much. He is a pirate through and through,” Horowitz says. “He and Captain Hook do not have a lot of love for each other. And the only thing two pirates would fight over, even more than a woman, would be a ship.”

Rumpelstiltskin’s fate

So is Rumpel really dead? The creators aren’t telling. 

“[You find out] in the next episode,” Horowitz says.

Henry’s storybook

After being MIA for a while, Henry’s storybook made an appearance in the episode, although he still thinks fairytales are make believe. “We will see the storybook. It will come into play in the second half of the season,” Kitsis reveals. “Who wrote it will not be answered yet.”

Horowitz agrees. “I would say we would spend some more time with the storybook this season and explore more,” Horowitz says. “And we hope to be able to continue exploring.”

Romance for Regina

Now that Regina has met her fated one true love Robin Hood in Fairytale Land, will sparks start flying? “Whether true love happened or works out or not, it’s going to be a very interesting road they will travel together,” Horowitz says.

Kitsis continues, “She will see that tattoo [Tinkerbell warned her about on Robin Hood], and it will definitely have an effect on her.”

Snow White’s family

Since a young version of Snow White’s father has been cast, many fans have been wondering how he will fit into the story. “We’re going to see some of the Snow White family, the early years,” Horowitz says. “We’ll see a little bit of King Leopold when he was younger and we’re going to see how there were some interactions between him and some of the other characters that you may or may not have expected. We’ll also learn a little bit more Snow’s mother.”

And as for Mary Margaret’s bun in the oven, don’t expect a question of paternity. “Who’s the father?” Horowitz asks playfully.

“It’s Charming,” Kitsis answers definitively. “But that said, there is a lot to be discovered about what happened in that intervening year.”

“Once Upon a Time” airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum