once upon a time robert carlyle rose mcgowan 'Once Upon a Time': Is Regina Rumpelstiltskin's daughter? 'It's possible,' says Rose McGowan“Once Upon a Time” had a game-changing episode Sunday night (March 10), in more ways than one. Don’t keep reading if you haven’t watched the episode yet.

Not only is Cora dead, but Snow White killed her. What is going to become of our beloved Snow, who always has been so good?

Ginnifer Goodwin has already teased that what Snow did is “going to shake her self-identity, her
self-definition … she doesn’t know who she is. I think that actually
opens a lot up for her. She can get in touch with a more evolved way of
protecting herself and her family.”

We cannot wait to see the fall-out from Snow — Regina is going to be on the warpath.

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Speaking of Regina, “The Miller’s Daughter” gave us all a glimpse into young Cora’s life before the birth of her daughter, beautifully demonstrated by guest star Rose McGowan.

We had to ask McGowan — was Cora truly in love with Rumpelstiltskin?

“I think so. Yeah, I do,” says Rose. And did he love Cora back? “Yes. Could be ego speaking, but I think so.”

McGowan adds that her one request in doing the show was to act opposite Robert Carlyle.

“When the creators approached me, I requested that my scenes be with Robert Carlyle … the scene that we have where we’re kind of ending things, it was a marvelous scene. Very emotional,” says McGowan. “It was everything that I wanted to do with him as an actor, which was great.”

In the episode, it is implied that Cora and Rumpel will never have any children together and that Regina is Prince Henry’s daughter. But the way the family tree has been shaping up on this show, we wonder if Regina is actually Rumpel’s daughter.

“It’s possible. Anything is possible in that world,” says McGowan. “I think it does leave it open-ended, I think you’re very canny.”

What do you think, “OUAT” fans? Is Rumpelstiltskin both Henry’s real grandfather on one side and adopted grandfather on the other?

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