once upon a time lost girl group 'Once Upon a Time' 'Lost Girl': Let's make a dealThe theme of “Once Upon a Time” this week is admitting/realizing who you truly are, with a nice parallel of Snow White’s previous life in the Enchanted Forest with Emma’s life in the dark jungle of Neverland.


The band of heroes, minus Mr. Gold, sets off to find Henry. Emma is soon approached by Peter Pan, offering her a deal — he’ll give her a map to find Henry, but it’ll only work once she admits what she truly is.

When she can’t, Regina tires of the waiting around and uses magic to make the map take them to Pan. He disapproves of them “cheating” at his game, so the Lost Boys attack and Emma loses her nerve when she has one pinned down.

In a lovely and heartbreaking scene between Emma and her mother, Emma admits she sees herself in those boys’ faces — a lost girl, an orphan. That’s who she truly is and the map reveals itself.

Pan cautions her that it’s all a big lesson, showing her that she hasn’t forgiven her parents for seemingly abandoning her and Henry hasn’t forgive her for the same thing. And by the time they find him, Henry won’t want to leave with them. 

Plus, Pan plans on making Emma a real orphan — and he’s well on his way, as David has just taken a swipe of poison in his side from the fight with the Lost Boys. But he won’t tell anyone about it.

This definitely a great character-driven storyline for Season 3. Not only will we get to watch Emma deal with her parental issues, but the stage is set for her having to face her son and how he’s hurt for the exact same reason. Should give the actors some meaty stuff to work with.

Fairytale Land

The flashback this week is to just after Charming awakened Snow with true love’s kiss. The Evil Queen offers Snow a deal (much like Pan did with Emma) — relinquish all rights to the kingdom to the Queen and she’ll let Snow, Charming and the dwarves go live happily ever after on the sheep farm.

Charming wants to stay and fight, but Snow thinks they should just give up and leave quietly. He tricks her into thinking she has pulled Excaliber from the stone in order to show her how powerful and awesome she really is. Snow is so confident that she actually draws blood from the Queen despite having only some piddly little sword that Charming made for the fake-out.

In the end, Snow decides to fight for her kingdom and her people.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • Mr. Gold is off on his own little journey of self-discovery in Neverland, having a vision of Belle and being haunted by the doll his father gave to him before left. He also dispatches his shadow to hide the evil dagger where no one, including Gold, can find it. We hardly think they’ll kill off Mr. Gold, so we’re interested to see how this plays out. We’re also antsy for him to rejoin the group. This off-by-himself stuff is kind of boring.
  • The Hook/Emma romance is definitely being kindled, as Hook flirts and Emma softens towards him bit by bit. That should prove interesting once Neal arrives in Neverland.
  • Best lines:
    Hook: “In these stories, what was I like, other than a villain. Handsome, I gather?”
    Emma: “If wax mustaches and perms are your thing.”
    Hook: “I take it by your tone perms are bad.”

    Emma: “Is rum your solution to everything?”
    Hook: “It certainly doesn’t hurt.”

What did you think of “Lost Girl”?

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