once upon a time cast 'Once Upon a Time' recap: InterventionEnchanted Forest: Snow White has been surly since she drank Rumpy’s potion. She’s forgotten Charming and her love for him, but she’s also lost her sense of self. She’s even mean to woodland creatures and the dwarfs. They arrange an intervention, moderated by Jiminy Cricket. He acknowledges Snow has legitimate reasons for being angry at Regina (who orchestrated King Leopold’s murder) but tells her she shouldn’t be taking it out on her friends. Snow sees the light; she just sees it a little twisted. She decides she must kill Regina, and sets off to do just that.

Grumpy finds Snow and takes her to see Rumpy, who says there’s no antidote to the potion — only true love could undo it. True love is the most powerful magic at all, and the only magic he hasn’t been able to bottle. Rumpy’s all in favor of killing Queenie though, so he gives Snow a special bow and arrow that will kill Regina and a map that will show where to find her. When he doesn’t want anything from her in exchange, Snow is surprised, but Rumpy says he’s invested in her future.

Meanwhile, Red and Charming are searching for Snow, too. Red wolfs-out to face King George’s men — giving Charming time to get away. Charming goes to Rumpy to find out what he did to Snow. Rumpy tells Charming only true love can fix her. He tells Charming where Snow is. The price? Charming’s cloak.

The first time Charming catches up with Snow and kisses her, it doesn’t exactly work out too well. She knocks him out, ties him up and, before long, she leaves him. Jiminy has to bite through the ropes to free him. Jiminy suggests that Charming help Snow remember who she is before he tries to remind her who he is.

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