once upon a time cast 'Once Upon a Time' recap: The Right Thing To Do Was Not To Lead Me OnStorybrooke: David Nolan (Prince Charming) is our star of the week. He’s been released from the hospital and the curse doesn’t seem to be working on him yet. He doesn’t remember his real life in the Enchanted Forest because of his amnesia, but the curse hasn’t filled his head with false memories of Storybrooke yet, either.

Overwhelmed at his homecoming celebration, David takes off and finds Mary Margaret, who skipped the party, because of the feelings she and David share. Later, Mary confides in Emma, who counsels that if you think something you want is wrong, it probably is. Wordy McCrap, is she ever right. That’s one of those lessons you hate learning, because once you’ve internalized it, you have this pesky conscience to deal with, and it’s not some little cricket you could just step on, either. Ugh.

Anyhow, David leaves Kathryn and takes a room at Granny’s. He tells Mary and says that if she wants to pursue a relationship, she’ll meet him that night, by the toll bridge. Really? In the woods? At night? What’s wrong with dinner and a movie? Mary feels conflicted, so Emma then counsels her to go for it, because by leaving Kathryn, David made a clear choice. What else could she ask for?

On his way to the bridge, David runs into Regina, who naturally, steers him wrong. He ends up at Mr. Gold’s shop and sees a windmill replica that, in the curse-created reality, supposedly once stood in front of the Nolan’s house. This triggers the curse and David’s head is filled with false memories. He takes off for the bridge and promptly breaks Mary Margaret’s heart. Boo hiss!

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