once upon a time think lovely thoughts 'Once Upon a Time': Rumpelstiltskin's father is [SPOILER]“Once Upon a Time” had a pretty big reveal Sunday (Nov. 17), but it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise if you’ve been paying attention.

Fairytale Land

Everyone who had “Rumpel’s father is Peter Pan” in the office pool raise your hands. The signs have all been there. We’ve been wondering for weeks if that would turn out to be the case and it was revealed tonight that Rumpel’s father used the magic bean he got from some nice spinners to transport them to Neverland.

Rumpel wanted to start a new life there, away from the people who only knew his father as a cheat and a liar. But his father wanted so badly to stay there and be young again that he had the Shadow take Rumpel back to Fairytale Land because “a child can’t have a child.”

Rumpel was heartbroken — but he did see his father turn into “Peter Pan” (he took that name because that was what Rumpel had named his cornhusk doll), hence Rumpel’s ill feelings towards Pan all season.


The rescue squad joins up with Gold and Regina and they all hatch a plan to save Henry (and Wendy Darling, whom they free from her cage). The group comes to trust Gold, as he hands over Pandora’s Box to Neal and also agrees to save David from Dreamshade when they get back to Storybrooke without asking for anything in return.

But Peter Pan has taken Henry to Skull Island where a giant hourglass is stationed that is trickling out the seconds until Pan loses his youth and dies. He needs Henry’s heart to keep living, but he spins a tale for Henry of “saving magic.”

Gold first tries to face down his father and save Henry, but Pan manages to trap Gold in Pandora’s Box. Then Emma, Regina and Neal try to convince Henry not to help Pan, but he doesn’t listen because the silly kid noble hero has to save magic. He ain’t the truest believer for nothin’, right?

At episode’s end, Pan has Henry’s heart and it looks as though the dramatic conclusion is coming in two weeks, on Dec. 1.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • Nice touch having “Peter Pan” be the name of the cornhusk doll.
  • Marilyn Manson was awesome as the voice of the Shadow — super creepy and menacing.
  • Obviously the show isn’t going to have Henry die, but do you think someone won’t make it off the island alive? Will it actually be a main character? Probably not. And it’s probably not Hook because that love triangle hasn’t been explored in any non-child-saving situations. Who does that leave — Wendy? Tinker Bell? Will one of them be sacrificed so as to have a dramatic death without losing any of the main players?
  • It’s interesting how the men in Henry’s family keep abandoning their children for various reasons (some better than others). What happens if David and Mary Margaret have another child in Storybrooke? Do you think the show will find a way to continue the theme?
  • Best Lines:

    Rumpel’s father: “Give it a name. Names always make things better, they make them real. Trust me.” — Rumpel’s father

    Mr. Gold: “I’m the most powerful amongst us.”
    : “That’s why we can’t trust you. … Give us Pandora’s Box. I don’t have to trust you if I can stop you.”

    Mary Margaret: “Thank you.”
    : “Well apparently that’s the only thanks I need these days.”

    Regina: “You better come through, Gold. Or I’ll make whatever Pan has planned for you look like child’s play. Do you understand me?”
    : “Well, a simple ‘good luck’ would’ve sufficed.”

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