once upon a time season 3 finale tease 'Once Upon a Time' Season 3 finale: Showrunners tease time travel problems, fallout from Zelena's death and more The Wicked Witch might be dead, but she’s not done meddling in everyone’s lives on “Once Upon a Time.” After Rumpel killed her in last week’s episode, “Kansas,” her time travel spell was enacted, and it’s going to suck Emma and Captain Hook back into the past in Fairy Tale Land.

Zap2it got “Once Upon a Time” masterminds Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis on the line to talk about the “epic” two-hour Season 3 finale, airing on Sunday (May 11). Check out the full Q&A below.

Zap2it: Emma has no powers now and she seems very okay with that now, but she’s going to need them more than ever in the finale. Are her powers really gone for good, or will she be able to find a way to get them back?
Edward Kitsis: I would say that she was happy about it because she wants to go back to New York. We’ve always seen her as the reluctant hero, and we know from the beginning of the year in Neverland she still felt like she was an orphan. She hasn’t really embraced this life. She wants to be back in the real world. The finale will focus on that dilemma a lot.
Adam Horowitz: And whether or not she can get her magic back is wrapped up into that.

Since Emma and Hook are going to be trapped in the past together, does that mean that Emma and Hook shippers have some fun moments to look forward to?
AH: There are moments that certainly build on the moments we’ve seen before between the two of them, so I hope that those fans will be satisfied. And honestly I think everyone will be satisfied, there are some really fun situations that we’ve found to put those two characters in that really plays off the conflicts and the chemistry between them.

While Emma and Hook are fighting to make their way back to the present, are we going to see anything happening in Storybrooke? Or is the finale going to be focused on just Fairy Tale Land of the past?
AH: In the two hours, you’ll see both the past and the present.

What can you reveal about what we’ll see going on in Storybrooke present?
AH: We’re going to see the direct aftermath of what happened with Zelena. We saw Rumpel do something rather extreme at the end of the last episode so the fallout from that will be explored. And I think there was also a marriage proposal or something, right? So we’d be awfully disappointed if we didn’t follow up on that storyline as well. So there’s a whole lot going on in Storybrooke that needs to be dealt with.
EK: And we don’t even know the name of the baby!
AH: Oh yeah! There’s that! So there’s a lot going on in Storybrooke in addition to what may or may not be happening in the past.

Speaking of that new bundle of joy, Mary Margaret and David just welcomed their son! After almost losing him last week, what can we expect to see from that new family in the finale?
EK: I think they’re finally ready to have their happily ever after. Every day there seems to be a new fire to put out. We’re very excited for the finale because it’s going to be an adventure and something surprising that the fans of our show weren’t expecting to see, and a satisfying conclusion for the season. And it will also let us know where we’re going to go next year.

Let’s back up and talk about Rumpel for a moment, because after he and Belle had their heartwarming scene last week in which it seemed like they were finally getting their happily ever after, Rumpel turned around almost immediately and tricked Belle and killed Zelena. I was surprised to watch him flip immediately like that.
AH: I would say that it’s not a flip. That’s who he is, and that’s what he’s been struggling with. It’s not like he was a fully-redeemed good guy who suddenly decided that he wanted to be evil. It’s more of a grey area with Rumpel. He’s always struggling with those dark impulses.
EK: He had an opportunity to side with Zelena and go back in time and make sure that his son was never killed. But instead of that, he chose to avenge his son and let his son die as a sacrifice. He has his own code. He’s even said that he’s a difficult man to love. He promised Belle that he wouldn’t hurt Regina but then he sent a wraith after her. Rumpel’s a pretty complicated guy and why he did what he did is something that we’re really going to explore next season.

How would you compare this season’s finale with the past season finales we’ve seen on “Once Upon a Time?”
EK: Twice as long. Twice as depressing. [laughs] No, I think that this one, we really wrote it like a movie so it will feel less like an episode or two of a TV show and more like a movie. Where it compares to the other ones? This one is one of my favorites. But that’s how it always is, isn’t it? You hope that your newest episode is your favorite episode.
AH: When we get to the end of the season, the goal is always to feel like this is our favorite finale ever. What’s exciting about this one is that we’re going to a new place. That’s exciting and scary and energizing.

This past season was split into 2 mini seasons, first set in Neverland and then surrounding Oz characters. Did you like having a split season better than having one longer storyline for the entire season?
EK: Absolutely. We really wanted that this year because we think that it’s really hard in today’s world to tell a story over 22 episodes. We liked having a smaller focus over two smaller seasons in one year. Creatively, that really re-energized us.

The “Once Upon a Time” two-hour Season 3 finale airs Sunday (May 11) at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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