once upon a time finale emma henry 'Once Upon a Time' season finale: Snow and Charming find each other and the curse is liftedWell, that was a slam-bang finish for “Once Upon a Time.” We have to say, we’re glad it was renewed, but if it hadn’t been – that would’ve been a decently satisfying ending.

We also need some serious help – our [expletive expletive] DVR cut off Mr. Gold right when he was saying to Belle, “It’s magic … why? Because magic” — and nothing. So please, fill a poor recapper in in the comments.

But let’s get on with the goods.

Fairytale Land

With the help of the Huntsman (nice to see you, Jamie Dornan!), Charming escapes the Queen’s palace. On his way to find Snow, the Queen magics him into the Infinite Forest where he encounters Rumpel.

Rumpel enchants Charming’s mother’s ring – it’ll shine brighter the closer he gets to Snow. Rumpel also gives Charming a bottle of True Love, which he made with Snow and Charming’s hair. Charming is to protect this bottle of True Love and if he does, he’ll get the ring.

When he is sent to Maleficent to hide the bottle, she turns into a dragon and they do battle, with Charming managing to shove the egg down her throat and jump from the castle window. He gets the ring from Rumpel, who also magics him some kicky threads.

When he finds Snow, she’s obviously in the glass coffin but one last kiss and PRESTO! Everyone’s heart grows three sizes when she wakes up and the land turns green and they get engaged. Awww.

And then kick-butt Snow rears up and says they should take back the kingdom from his father and her stepmother. Yeah!


Henry is in a coma of sorts and the doctors don’t know anything because it isn’t presenting as any kind of poison. When Regina arrives, Emma awesomely shoves her into a supply closet and is ready to beat the snot out of her, but when Regina learns it’s because Henry ate the turnover, they both cry about how unpredictable magic is and how they need help – from Rumpel. Also, when Emma touched Henry’s book of tales in the hospital room, she flashed back to her birth and parents. Regina confirms it all for her, all the stories.

They go to Rumpel, who still has the bottle of True Love. He also reveals when he created the Dark Curse that thrust them all here, he placed one drop of it on the parchment, which is why Emma is the savior and can break the curse.

Emma can get the True Love – but it’s hidden in Maleficent, who Regina trapped in dragon form. Emma is given her father’s sword with which to slay the dragon and sent down into the caves beneath the town. She finally does, by throwing the sword right into its stomach, leaving the egg lying in a pile of ashes.

But Mr. Gold shows up at the elevator, says Regina abandoned Emma and sabotaged it, and gets her to toss the egg up to him. He runs off with it and Regina is bound and gagged at the top. And then the hospital calls and Emma and Regina rush over to find that Henry’s gone. But Emma saying I love you and kissing him on the forehead brings him back to life – and it wakes up the whole town.

Meanwhile, Gold opens the egg and retrieves the bottle when Belle shows up. She remembers him (once Emma awakens the town) and he takes her to a well in the woods, which is said has the power to return what one has lost. He pours the True Love in and out pours all this purple smoke that envelopes the town in magic.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • Regina really had what Jefferson did coming to her – it wasn’t his fault that Henry ate the turnover. Here’s hoping Jefferson is a regular in Season 2.
  • But speaking of Regina, not only were we left feeling really sorry for her at the end, but Lana Parrilla totally killed this episode, as did Jennifer Morrison, especially the end.
  • We weren’t really down with David’s kind of ultimatum he gave Mary Margaret – I’m leaving if you don’t give me a reason to stay? Get bent, David. You punked out on her when she needed you, it’s your job to stay and win her back. So while their reunion was nice at the end, it was convenient they just remembered their past lives. We hope the show explores the fact that he didn’t really buck up and make things right with her.
  • We totally called it that those pictures of Emma were her discovering August turning to wood. Hopefully he’s back next season and can reunite with his father. That’ll be a waterworks moment.
  • Speaking of waterworks, there were lots of them this episode, but we think the biggest tear-jerker moment was when Gold saw Belle in his shop. Robert Carlyle does great work on this show and that was incredibly heartwrenching.
  • Conversely, her awakening in the woods and remembering was kind of a let-down moment. We get that he was focused on the well and getting his son back, but we loved the Belle/Rumpel episode and their reunion got kind of short shrift. Plus, they hugged like they’re father and daughter. Definitely weird.
  • It was a nice parallel to see David and Emma fighting the dragon at the same time. And Emma going for her gun was pretty spectacular, even if it didn’t work.
  • And lastly, speaking of Emma and her father, we can’t wait to see their reunion now that she knows who her parents are.

What did you think, “OUAT” fans? What do you think Season 2 holds? We’ve got a few details from the creators of “OUAT” here.

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