snow charming ouat abc 'Once Upon a Time': Snow falls in love“Once Upon a Time’s” third episode, titled “Snow Falls,” just jumped the pilot for our favorite episode of the series yet. If they continue to be this good, this show should be in for a long run.


We meet a new character in the small Maine town – a town doctor, Dr. Whale (according to the episode description) played by David Anders. He is thrust into the story because the episode centers around the coma patient John Doe. Henry wants Mary Margaret to read to him and Mary and Emma decide they should humor Henry so he can realize his stories are false without them having to completely crush his imagination and spirit.

But lo and behold, when Mary Margaret reads to John Doe, he awakens (kind of) and grasps her hand. The doctor immediately reports this to the Mayor, which is interesting, though it turns out Mayor Regina is John Doe’s emergency contact since she’s the one who found him on the side of the road.

When John Doe gets up and walks away in the middle of the night, Emma, Mary, Henry and Sheriff Graham set out to find him in the woods, where ultimately Mary saves him from drowning by giving him CPR in what turns out to be a very emotional scene.

Which is then crushed by his estranged wife, Catherine, turning up at the hospital. Ooof. But then Emma, like us, is suspicious that Regina set this all up and Catherine doesn’t even know David.

In the end, Emma, who had been sleeping in her car after the Mayor had her tossed out of Granny’s, kind of moves in with Mary Margaret. Yay!

Fairytale Land

We see how Snow and Charming met, as Snow tricks and robs Charming’s coach because she’s on the run as the Queen has a bounty on her head. Snow and Charming end up working together to get his jewels back that she stole and sold, taking turns saving each other (and falling in love!) in the process. The real-life Charming, whose name is David in Storybrooke and James in Fairytale Land, is engaged to Catherine, but in Fairytale Land, we know that eventually he’ll decide not to be with Catherine and be with Snow White instead.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • Ginnifer Goodwin sure rocks a woodswoman outfit, huh? She was tweeting about the episode, saying that on one take where the Queen’s horseman nabbed her, the horse ran right into her, sending her flying and injuring her hand and face.
  • Ginnifer also tweeted that Jennifer Morrison taught her how to do CPR for the camera based on her (Morrison’s) experience shooting “House.”
  • Speaking of Ginny Goodwin, she really knows how to make me cry. First in the premiere, now in this episode. She’s a wonderful, captivating actress.
  • I love that Charming awakens Snow in Fairytale Land and Snow awakens Charming in Storybrooke. It’s also a nice parallel that they literally save each other in Fairytale Land and then (I assume) will figuratively save each other in Storybrooke, which is what true love should do, really. And yes, I’m a giant sap.
  • I’ve had the theory since the premiere that Sheriff Graham’s fairytale counterpart is the Big Bad Wolf. His comments in the woods in this episode make me even more sure that’s his alter ego.
  • When Charming said his name was James, did anyone else exclaim, “Like Sawyer!” The creators of “OUAT” were writers on “Lost” and we’re taking it as a shout-out.
  • Next week: Cinderella!

What did you think of “Snow Falls”?

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