one direction smoking pot zayn malik gi One Direction boys smoke pot on board Miami yacht?

The latest celebrities caught on camera smoking pot may be members of the British boy band One Direction. The guys of 1D were seen partying aboard a $3.6 million yacht off the coast of Miami, and a couple of them were smoking a very odd-looking cigarette.
Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik were both snapped toking on either a joint or a hand-rolled cigarette, and despite a spark of outrage among their Twitter fans, the boys have yet to clarify which one it was. Their pop music compatriot Justin Bieber was the subject of heightened scrutiny after he was photographed toking up. The Biebs later apologized on “Saturday Night Live.”
When the boy bankers docked after taking a breather from their Take Me Home tour, they happily greeted fans. Tomlinson and Malik’s bandmate Harry Styles signed autographs barefoot in his white swim trunks with a plaid sleeveless shirt unbuttoned to show off his tattoos. 
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