one direction midnight memories story of my life x factor One Direction on 'Midnight Memories,' who's (not) bisexual, and holiday plansOne Direction‘s new album, “Midnight Memories,” hits stores in the U.S. on Nov. 25. But just because they’re now incredibly famous worldwide superstars doesn’t mean they’re not the same guys they were when they formed on the U.K. “X Factor” a few years ago. Ahead of the “Midnight Memories” release, the boys stopped by the U.S. “X Factor” to perform “Story of My Life,” their second single from the album.

They came backstage after their performance to talk to a small group of reporters about their album, their holiday plans, and whether or not they plan on filming another movie. Zap2it spoke to Harry Styles and Liam Payne about their grown-up, sexy side and what else you’ll see from them on the new album. (It’s done Q&A style so you can see exactly what kind of rapport these two have with each other. It’s downright adorable.)

What are your holiday plans?

I’m going to be at home with my family.

Liam: I think I’m going to do the same, just eat loads of food and get really fat.

Is that allowed?

Of course it is, I’ll just work it off afterwards.

Harry: That’s what the holidays are about, and Jesus.

What can we expect from the new album?

The new album is a lot more live sounding.

Harry: And Jesus Christ.

Liam: We wrote a lot of the songs, so that’s the main thing. It’s really nice this year because I’ve read a lot of reviews in the U.K. and it’s all been really nice stuff. To have a record that we have written getting these sort of reviews at this point in our career is absolutely amazing. We’re just so excited for it to come out.

Are we going to see a more manly grown-up sexy side to you all?

Exactly! That is exactly what you’re going to see. [Laughs]

Louis and Niall wrote a lot of the songs. Where did you get the inspiration from?

Liam: We kind of just sat down and whatever the vibe of the chords were that the guys were playing — they kind of just came about, really. It wasn’t about sitting down and saying “We are going to write this type of song or this type,” it was kind of just presented to us. We were like, “Ace, let’s just go for it.”

What’s the biggest rumor you’d like to debunk about yourselves?

Debunk… What a nice word.

Liam: I’d like to say I’m not bisexual. That was one quite big rumor. Apparently I am bisexual, but I’m not bisexual.

Have you finally gotten used to all the crazy fans and women throwing themselves at you?

What do you reckon about that, Harry?

Harry: About what, sorry?

Liam: About women throwing themselves at us?

Harry: They don’t! I think everyone thinks that happens.

Liam: But really we are quite sophisticated. Go to bed, have a cup of tea.

Harry: As he said, it it’s a more mature sound so we like a rich tea and biscuits and elbow pads on our jumpers; suede and corduroy trousers.

Is there another movie in the works? Would you like to do one?

Liam: I don’t know, it’s kind of one of those things — same as the first movie, we didn’t really expect that to happen so we’ll just kind of see what happens. I don’t know how we’d do it though because I wouldn’t want us to do a repeat of the first one, do another documentary. We would have to do a spin on it. Something funny, I reckon.

What about acting in one where you are maybe on the run from girls?

Yeah, it could be quite good.
Harry: Give me an emotion.


[Gives a blank stare] And that is why we won’t be doing any acting in a film.

Liam: I was scared for you right about then. I didn’t know what was coming.

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