one direction x factor story of my life season 3 top 10 results One Direction on 'The X Factor': Spoilers from their 'Story of My Life' performanceThe boys (men?) of One Direction are really good-looking and fantastic singers and stuff, but apparently they also have superpowers. One gesture in any particular direction (heh, direction) and the women and girls in that general vicinity lose their freaking minds. You can see it in action when they perform on “The X Factor” Top 10 results show on Thursday, Nov. 21.

Here’s where we let you in on a little television secret: Mario Lopez and the judges will act like 1D are performing on the results show, but the boys really taped their appearance before the performance show on Wednesday. Hollywood!

Zap2it was in the studio at the time, and here are a few quick tidbits we can share about their performance of “Story of My Life”:

1. They’re wearing suit jackets dress shirts in various shades of grey and black and they look really great in them. Just saying.
2. They taped it twice, and the second time the crowd in the pit very enthusiastically swayed their arms. You’ll know by the arm-swaying which take the producers chose.
3. These dudes are so chill that they were chatting with each other and having such a good time that you wouldn’t have realized their performance had already started except the track was playing and they abruptly began singing.
4. Austin Mahone was in the audience to support the boys during their return to the U.S. “X Factor” stage.

Zap2it and a small group of reporters talked to Harry Styles and Liam Payne backstage after the show, and they said it was still surreal to be back on the show. “It’s quite strange being back on ‘The X Factor’ because you kind of know what the contestants go through,” says Liam. “It’s just nice talking to them and getting their vibe of what’s going down. They are all very talented people this year as well, so I think it’s ace.”

Their favorite group, though, was Alex and Sierra, who happened to perform a cover of their latest single, “Best Song Ever.” “I’m not being biased because they did our song or anything,” says Liam, but Alex and Sierra were his favorite. “I thought it was ace. He’s got a great voice, he has.”

“We thought it was wicked,” adds Harry. And he’s totally okay with being biased. “We have an album out!”

Posted by:Jean Bentley