one direction harry styles pantsed One Direction's Harry Styles pantsed by Liam Payne on London stage

One Direction was midway through their song “What Makes You Beautiful” at London’s O2 Arena when Liam Payne decided to pull Harry Styles‘ pants all the way down. The look of shock on the 19-year-old boy bander’s face is priceless when his skinny jeans hit the floor.
The crowd of mostly female fans screamed even louder when Style’s pants came down. But Harry never missed a beat. Ever the professional, the 19-year-old continued to move across the stage, covering his crotch area for modesty and smoothly pulled his pants back up. The boys finished the song as if nothing ever happened.
Fellow 1D bandmate Louis Tomlinson was apparently in on the prank, as video shows Liam handing Louis his microphone to free up his own hands for the de-pantsing. Poor Harry is no stranger to mid-performance surprises. During a recent One Direction performance in Glasgow, Harry was hit in the groin with a flying shoe.
No wonder Styles is rumored to be looking ahead to a solo career. You don’t see Zayn Malik losing his drawers in front of 20,000 fans, do you? Check out the video below to see Harry’s suave recovery.

Posted by:mchance