oth dave navarro 'One Tree Hill' meets 'The Hangover': Dave Navarro is Brooke's Mike TysonGotta love those mornings where you have no idea why there’s raw meat in your purse. (Um, not that we’d know what that’s like, Mom.) When “One Tree Hill” returns on January 25th, it’s time for Brooke (Sophia Bush) to have her Bachelorette party – and those of us who knew Brooke in high school know that she throws a hell of a party.

The ladies of “One Tree Hill” begin their evening respectably, spa-ready in their bathrobes with a touch of champagne on hand, but by the time the night is over, Brooke’s engagement ring is missing… as is her dignity, when she (and her mother-in-law!) bump into Dave Navarro.

Yes, that Dave Navarro. “You were amazing. Where’s that other chick that I nailed?” he asks. Don’t worry, Brulian fans — Brooke didn’t cheat on Julian. She did, however, have a crazy night.

A crazy night that resulted in Quinn (Shantel VanSanten) – who has recovered from her Katie trauma in the month that has passed since the hurricane hit Tree Hill – having to investigate the meat in her purse, while Alex (Jana Kramer) is trying to figure out where she got a black eye. (Alex was invited to Brooke’s party – how far they’ve come!)

Watch the preview below, and don’t miss the episode on Jan. 25 at 8 p.m. on The CW, right before a new episode of “Hellcats.”

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie