oth quiet vid 'One Tree Hill': Will Nathan turn Ian in? Plus, babies on the way to Tree HillIt’s baby time on “One Tree Hill” again! Both Haley (Bethany Joy Galeotti) and Chloe (Leven Rambin) are in labor just in time for a six-week hiatus from the show.

Poor Haley. Every time she goes into labor someone else follows. Last time, Lucas’s mom Karen had a dangerous delivery, totally stealing Haley’s I-almost-gave-birth-during-my-valedictorian-speech thunder.

Still, there are two bundles of joy on their way to Tree Hill, which melts our heart, because Brooke (Sophia Bush) and Haley taking care of their newborns together is just about the sweetest thing we’ve ever heard. And to think, their friendship began when Brooke was too stoned on painkillers to even remember it! Good times.

While Haley is in labor, though, Nathan (James Lafferty) has a difficult decision to make. Just minutes after signing Ian as an important client for his and Clay’s new agency, he made a chilling discovery. It looks like Ian may be the drunk driver who nearly killed Brooke, Jamie, and Julian when the hurricane hit Tree Hill. Turning Ian in will mean the end of his career — and a big hit for the agency, which still hasn’t quite gotten off the ground.

He may have bigger problems than that to deal with, though. The preview released by the CW makes it look like the new Scott daughter’s arrival might have some complications, judging by the somber looks on Nathan, Haley, and Jamie’s faces.

Haven’t these people been through enough? We’re looking forward to seeing how Haley and Nathan band together to overcome the next obstacle thrown their way — and to seeing how Nathan deals with having the latest Tree Hill villain under his thumb.

Not to mention, will Brooke and Julian’s baby be a boy or a girl? And what will the babies’ names be? If she follows Tree Hill tradition, the kid’s first name will be Davis, but we’re thinking Brooke will probably think outside the box here.

What do you think? Weigh in below on what you’re hoping to see when “One Tree Hill” returns in April.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie