one tree hill jana kramer 'One Tree Hill's' Jana Kramer: 'Alex is not a homewrecker!'When Jana Kramer‘s character, Alex, was first introduced on “One Tree Hill,” she was a disrespectful, drug-addled fresh-out-of-rehab starlet with a bad attitude and a thing for unavailable men – specifically, Julian (Austin Nichols) who was very taken by Brooke (Sophia Bush).

Alex has come a long way since then. After a suicide attempt, she cleaned herself up — and now, Kramer tells Zap2it that Alex is done messing with other people’s boyfriends.

“She’s staying out of Brooke and Julian’s relationship, and I’m so glad, because I was getting serious hate from all the Brulian lovers,” Kramer laughs. “There will be a wedding, and Alex will not come between them. She realizes that Julian does not love her at all, and she’s moving on.”

Now, she’s officially dating Chase, played by “Laguna Beach” star Stephen Colletti. “He is amazing. He’s such a sweetheart and we have so much fun together,” she says of her co-star. “We’re always joking and laughing. I couldn’t say better things about him. When I first met him I was like,’Okay, I’m going to geek out really fast, because I watched you on Laguna Beach and I just need to know – were you and LC – and what about Kristin!? I just need to know!’ He thought I was crazy.”

Despite her dramatic past, Alex’s wild ways generally bring a humorous touch to the show, and Kramer says that will continue in her relationship. “Her and Chase go on some really fun dates. It’s going to bring a lot of comedy to the show,” she teases.

There’s just one problem.

When Alex and Chase hooked up, he’d just come out of a relationship with the show’s resident songstress, Mia (Kate Voegele). “If Mia has a problem with it, it’s her problem,” says Kramer, firmly defending her character. “I know I’m getting defensive! I’m sick and tired of people telling me that Alex is a homewrecker. I’m like, ‘Dude, Mia and Chase were not together.’ Technically, it’s all good.”

In the year she’s been playing Alex, Kramer has developed a great affection for the bad-girl-gone-good. “I love her,” she says. “Alex is always really lonely – I don’t think she and Brooke will ever be friends, and I’m not sure she and Millie can be close again. At least I’m on her side.”

“There are a lot of parallels in my life and Alex’s lately,” says Kramer, who had a rough summer — she was married on the Fourth of July and announced her divorce on August 9.

“I really just want her to be truly happy,” Kramer says when we ask her how she’d like Alex’s story to conclude. “With the parallels in my life, I want her to be able to love herself whether she has a guy in her life or not. I hope she just continues to have fun and be funny, because it’s nice to show up to work and be in that situation. You can be having a bad day or a bad week, and then you get a new script and it’s like ‘What crazy thing do I get to do today?'”

Is there anything she doesn’t love about Alex? “The only thing I don’t like about Alex is that I’m always wearing like half of a clothing article,” she laughs. “I hate heels, and they always put me in heels. It sucks!”

Kramer called us from Nashville, where she was recording a demo. She’s looking for a label to pursue what she calls her “biggest passion in life,” — country music. “One Tree Hill” is well known for putting artists like Voegele and Wakey!Wakey! on the map, and Kramer says she’s not opposed to Alex becoming Red Bedroom Records’ latest hitmaker.

“I sing country, and I haven’t really heard much country stuff on the show, but I’m willing to do whatever!” she says, before launching into a pitch worthy of the writers’ room. “I think what should happen is Alex should be in the studio, screwing around because I want to talk to Mia, and then I come in the office and I start singing and Haley hears me and she’s like ‘She’s amazing!’ That’s what I’m dreaming up in my head.”

Are you listening, Mark Schwahn? Let the woman sing!

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Posted by:Carina MacKenzie