oprah kelly michael tyler perry live Oprah makes surprise 'Live with Kelly and Michael' appearance

The audience at “Live with Kelly and Michael” got a special treat Tuesday (May 28). Tyler Perry was the guest, he was there promoting his two new TV series, both of which are premiering on OWN, Oprah Winfrey’s network. At a certain point Perry tried to get Oprah on the phone for the two hosts, but the connection was bad.
Oprah solved that problem by walking onto the stage, much to the surprise of the audience and the hosts. Kelly Ripa repeatedly tried to give Oprah her chair, before Michael Strahan got on all fours to offer himself as a footrest for the former talk show queen.
Really, that actually happened on television. Strahan, a former NFL player and Super Bowl champion, got down on all fours to become a human footrest.
It was a very rare talk show appearance for Winfrey, who ended her own show in 2011, after 25 years. Kelly and Michael were genuinely shocked by Oprah’s appearance, with Ripa unable to think of anything to ask her. Without questions, of course they were able to show Winfrey sketches they’ve done with Strahan playing the former talk host.

It seems like everyone on the stage was having a great time as Oprah made her first appearance on the show. Before the segment came to an end, she made sure to add her belief that Michael and Kelly are the “reigning king and queen” of talk, which must have made their days.
You can see a portion of the appearance below:

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