david arquette gi Oprah Winfrey will replace Michael Vick interview with David ArquetteMichael Vick may not be shedding repentant tears on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” this month, but not to worry, David Arquette will.

After canceling his Feb. 24th appearance on the show for “personal reasons,” Vick left team Oprah with lots of behind the scenes footage (they had reportedly been filming content and preparing for months) and a void in their show.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Oprah’s rep has confirmed that the void has been filled by a post-rehab Arquette in his first interview since seeking help for an alcohol abuse.

The interview was taped on Thurs. (Feb. 17) and will air the following week.

We would actually rather watch Arquette talk about alcoholism, depression and divorce than sit through an hour of Michael Vick’s crocodile tears. Not that we condone Arquette’s behavior, but we are so over Vick’s half-assed attempt at restoring his public image

Who would you rather watch? Weigh in below.

Posted by:Sophie Schillaci