oprah fave gold 2010 Oprah Winfrey's 'My Favorite Things': Absolutely, positively the last one everThere were tears. There were screams. There were limbs flailing.

No, it wasn’t a Justin Bieber concert. It was “The Oprah Winfrey Show’s” “My Favorite Things” episode take two where the TV host gave out 275 VW Beetles. And not just any regular old Beetles. She gifted her audience with the unreleased, redesigned 2012 Beetles that are so top-secret, the images won’t be released until next May. “The first people in the world to own one when it makes its debut next year” Oprah tells her crying audience. Obviously, Oprah got to see the car because VW flew in the only prototype from Germany for her to take a look at. Oprah: Making “Punch Buggy” more exciting since 2010.

]]>in the first part of her “Ultimate Favorite Things.” She teased, “Were you really ticked off you missed the first show?” Soon, snow began falling in the studio as Oprah shouted, “”It’s beginning to look a lot like favorite things! I got ya! I played y’all like a fiddle!”

Oprah kicked off the show by giving out her No. 1 favorite thing ever: An iPad, of course. And it flew down from the heavens (a.k.a. the studio’s ceiling) thanks to its angel wings. You’re welcome, Apple!

Also given out: Bedazzled Ugg boots (hanging from the fake fireplace behind Oprah all episode long), Coach’s Madison Patent Leather Sophia Satchel, two $500 gift cards for Nordstrom’s lingerie department (you can never have enough support!), a herb-savor by Prepara, Miraclebody jeans by Miraclesuit (which make you look 10 lbs. thinner. Oprah, such a giver), and much more.

There were also some special guests in the audience, the two most important people in Oprah’s life: BFF Gayle and BF Stedman, who has only been to three shows in 25 years and this was one of them. The audience was also treated to a special holiday duet by Josh Groban and Johnny Mathis. 

What do you think, Zappers? Did Part 2 of “My Favorite Things” top Part 1 or are you too jealous to even answer?

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