katie holmes orange is the new black 'Orange Is The New Black': Katie Holmes came close to playing PiperIt’s hard to imagine anyone other than blonde beauty Taylor Schilling playing the role of Piper Chapman in “Orange Is The New Black.” So try to let your imagination wander and picture Katie Holmes — yes, Joey Potter from “Dawson’s Creek” — getting frisky with Laura Prepon (Alex) and towering over Jason Biggs (Larry).

“Orange” creator Jenji Kohan revealed to E! reporter Marc Malkin at a pre-Emmy event (Aug. 4) ,Tom Cruise’s ex could have played Piper in the hit series. When asked about it Kohan says, “I’m a big fan of her’s. I met with her originally for Piper, I believe.”

Kohan says talks with Holmes didn’t continue because “she had other things going on” and “no one knew (at that time) the show would be what it was.”

Taylor Schilling, our reigning Piper, has a few ideas if Holmes would like to do a guest appearance in Season 3. “She could be friends with Lorna or like Lorna’s Boston sister,” she offers.

What do you think about Holmes’ possible presence in Litchfield?

Posted by:Sarah Huggins