orange is the new black alex piper clearly wolters netflix 'Orange Is the New Black': Real Alex, Cleary Wolters, defends Piper relationship in first interviewPiper Kerman told her side of her story in her nonfiction book “Orange Is the New Black,” and now Catherine Cleary Wolters, the inspiration for character Alex Vause (Laura Prepon) in the Netflix series of the same name, has stepped forward to tell hers.

Vanity Fair conducted an insightful interview with Wolters, who up until now has not taken part any press interviews about her time in prison and relationship with Kerman. While it is known that the Netflix version of “Orange Is The New Black” is a fictionalized account of Kerman’s biographical tale, Wolters has two misconceptions to clear up.

“We did not have sex in prison. Not even a little bit,” Wolters says of her relationship with Kerman. She also clarifies, “I was not Piper’s first, and I certainly did not seduce her.”

Their relationship didn’t quite play out the same way that it did in the TV series either, according to Wolters.

“When we were traveling together I started developing a crush on her. And eventually that turned into a crazy mad love affair. But that was after she had already done the deed that made her complicit,” Wolters says. “We weren’t girlfriends. We were friends with benefits … I was not the older sexy, glamorous lesbian who snatched her from her pristine Smith College cradle.”

For her own part, Kerman largely agrees with Wolters’ statements — except them not being girlfriends.

“I’m glad Cleary is getting the chance to tell her story, because she is a charismatic and funny person. It should come as no surprise that we may have different points of view about the time we spent together,” Kerman writes to Vanity Fair. “I think anyone would understand that my relationship with her was, and is, complicated. What I wrote about us in my book is true. If Cleary believes we were never girlfriends, that is startling news to me, though it’s certainly not the first time she has surprised me.”

“Orange Is the New Black” Season 2 premieres on Netflix in its entirety on June 6.
Posted by:Terri Schwartz