oitnb hugs can be deceiving crazy eyes 'Orange Is The New Black' Season 2, episode 3 recap: 'Hugs Can Be Deceiving'Warning: Spoilers ahead for the first three episodes of “Orange Is The New Black” Season 2. Please stop reading now if you haven’t caught up to this point.

What’s going on

“Hugs Can Be Deceiving” is the first episode to tug hard at your heartstrings this season. We finally see where “Crazy Eyes” came from, Piper is back at Litchfield and we meet a new inmate, Brook Soso.

This episode really dives into Suzanne’s struggle to find acceptance and we see this started from an early age. Her nice, loving white adoptive parents and younger sister tried their best to include Suzanne in every “normal” activity for a young girl. However, her inability to adapt in social situations hinders her development and she is unable to make any friends. We see her turn a fairy tale into a horror story at a sleepover she is given a pity invite to and overcome with stage fright during a graduation song performance. All of this behavior carries over into her relationships with her fellow inmates at Litchfield, who will only let her be the time keeper when they play games, because of how bad she has lost it in the past.

“Crazy Eyes” does manage to make what she thinks is a friend, when new bully in town, Vee buddies up to her and then quickly starts making Suzanne do her dirty work. Suzanne doesn’t seem to think this is a bad thing as Vee is constantly buttering her up with treats and empowering words.  

Morello gets a call and finds out her beloved Christopher is getting married to another woman and moving to Albany, which is less than an hour away from Litchfield. She is beside herself and Nicky is quick to comfort her.

Larry, who is getting increasingly more annoying, meets with Andrew, a writer from City Post, who wants to interview Piper about Litchfield’s fraud and corruption. In a desperate move, Larry tries to take his former fiance out of the equation by saying he has great intel and can get him all the info he needs. 

Soso is having some trouble adjusting to Litchfield, she is a free loving protestor who won’t shut up and that kind of spirit flounders in prison. At first Piper is sweet to her and takes the newbie under her wing, but later Piper snaps on her saying the two of them are not friends and she is not Soso’s safety blanket. This is the first time Piper’s newly developed, dark prison persona has come out and we love it!

In “Hugs Can Be Deceiving,” it is clearly the hugs that matter. The first hug is one between Red and Vee. The two obviously know each other, but how? Vee and Suzanne share a powerful hug. Posing the question, does Vee really care about Suzanne or is she just a pawn in her game. Probably the best hug in this episode is the cold, forced one between Piper and newly veneered Pennsatucky–forever bonded by their beatdown incident and the secrets they must keep.

Favorite Lines

“Chick whose husband died real young.”
Poussey: “The white Michelle Williams!”

Vee: “You are a garden rose.”

Morello: “I don’t mean to bend the rules, but you don’t look full Asia.”

Nicky: “You’re one Cheerio in the bulk box of life.”

Morello: “You don’t go Jessica Simpson, when you’ve got Rihanna.”

Notable Tunes

“Crazy Eyes For You,” Bobby Hamilton
– End Credits

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