oitnb season 2 comic sans black cindy crazy eyes 'Orange Is The New Black' Season 2, episode 7 recap: 'Comic Sans'Warning: Spoilers ahead for the first seven episodes of
“Orange Is The New Black” Season 2. Please stop reading now if you haven’t caught up to this point.

What’s going on

Season 2 has weighed heavily on the older inmates and it is to be admired. Certainly not enough shows feature the more seasoned crowd with as much love as “Orange” and hopefully this will be a bigger step in the direction of viewers seeing more of this behavior on television.

Caputo is crazy mad at the other guards for letting Jimmy get out and he blames the incident mostly on Bennett, who shows a more aggressive side of himself in this episode. He is probably the hottest hard ball player out there. To make sure this doesn’t happen again, Caputo raises the shot quota to a minimum of five a week and puts Bell personally in charge of monitoring Jimmy 24/7. If you are curious what a shot it, it is basically like strikes against the inmates and they can get them for all kinds of ridiculous reasons.

Black Cindy is one of the first Litchfield ladies to get a shot stemming from the new rule, and she gets it for almost being late, yep, almost. Also it should be known about shots, they are far from fair, because White Cindy doesn’t get one for coming in after Black Cindy.

When we dive into Black Cindy’s backstory, we see her job pre-jail was working as a TSA agent at an airport. However, Cindy’s way of doing things is slightly inappropriate. It was hilarious watching her give an inappropriate rub down to a passenger and stealing iPads from the travelers. Although, you may never look at your next TSA agent the same way. Viewers may see this part of the backstory and think maybe Cindy’s TSA behavior is what brings her to Litchfield, but that story has yet to be told.

Later, something seems off when Cindy visits her mom and extremely younger sister, Monica. When it is revealed Cindy is actually Monica’s mother, things start to make sense. Cindy is in no way cut out to be a mother and fails at every opportunity to prove to her mother she can handle the responsibility. Unfortunately we do not find out what happens with Cindy after that to land in prison, but we are now more curious than ever to know and almost certain it has to do with Monica.

Meanwhile, Vee is officially back in business and everyone wants to be a part of her cigarette operation. Vee has also turned on Suzanne and poor Crazy Eyes is back to being desperate to belong. Because she is so desperate to please Vee, we have a feeling this won’t end well.

The City Post reporter pays a visit to Piper and clues her in on the nearly $2 million missing from Litchfield’s books that could be going to improving conditions for the inmates. When he asks Piper to do some investigating, she puts a stop to the conversation right there, after all, she really needs that furlough.

Things are also getting complicated for Figueroa. She is growing increasingly nervous the reporter will find out what’s been going on and it is revealed her husband doesn’t have sex with her. We are pretty sure this is because he is sleeping with his campaign aide.

Although we saw it coming a mile away, it was shocking to see Larry and Polly throw caution to the wind and have sex. How in the world will they explain this to Piper? 

In other O-M-G news in this episode, Fischer overhears Aleida talking on the phone and finds out Daya is pregnant. The question is, will the passive guard actually do something about it when the you know what hits the fan?

Sadly the episode ends with things getting way worse for Jimmy. After the administration finds out she will need to be monitored 24/7 for the rest of her days, which they can’t afford, they put her on a bus and send her out into the world. They refer to this process as “compassionate release,” but is it really compassion or a death wish. How can a woman like Jimmy survive for long in the cruel, real world?

After during further research, we found out that compassionate release is the real deal. And because of over crowding, one less person each prison has to take care of is a blessing to them. It’s crazy to think this actually happens and made us wonder, what happens to the people released?

Favorite Lines

“Have you ever been kissed by a six foot, black, transgender woman?”
Red: “No, I’m good.”

PIper: “You know, I respect that, but I’m pretty that under the present
circumstances even Paul McCartney would be all up in the tuna casserole.”

Gloria: “Every day in this place I get more confused.”

Notable Tunes

“Death to My Enemies.” 50 Cent:
Black Cindy drives in the car with her sister/daughter and also when she tells Vee she is not afraid of her.

“Into the Unknown,” Blackchords:
Piper, Sister Ingalls and Frieda watch as Jimmy is driven away, end credits.

Posted by:Sarah Huggins