orlando bloom 7 day nude scene zulu watch what happens live gi Orlando Bloom talks 7 day nude scene on 'Watch What Happens Live'

Orlando Bloom spent seven days shooting a nude scene, and we will all get to see it in an upcoming film. The actor revealed his week of nakedness to Andy Cohen during “Watch What Happens Live.” Bloom’s “Lord of the Rings” co-star Ian McKellen was also there. He did not get naked.

The revelation came about after a fan asked how the world could see Bloom naked in a film.

“You’re in luck, ’cause earlier this year I spent about seven days on set wearing just a c*** sock because I’m nude,” Bloom said in response. “It’s a film called ‘Zulu.’ It stars myself and Forest Whitaker. It’s directed by this fantastic French director called Jerome Salle. We premiered it at Cannes.”

In case the nudity was not clear enough, Bloom was kind enough to clarify with a euphemism: “You do get to see the full Orlando Bloom.”

Another guest on the talk show, McKellen, took this opportunity to rib his rather hot co-star on the film choice. “Is this movie in 3D?” the knighted Shakespearean actor asked.
Bloom currently appears in “Romeo and Juliet” on Broadway.

Posted by:Laurel Brown