orlando jones shorty awards twitter no diggity Orlando Jones recorded a cover of 'No Diggity' and you need to watch itInternet, Orlando Jones recorded an amazing valentine for you, and we wanted to make sure you didn’t miss it before you head out to either celebrate with your love or drink copiously with your single pals.

The “Sleepy Hollow” star, Zap2it Google Hangout-er, and overall winner of the Internet has been nominated for a Shorty Award, and he recorded a campaign video in honor of his 10,000th tweet. It’s a parody music video set to the tune of the seminal ’90s classic “No Diggity,” and it is a fantastic way to spend a minute of your time.

Be honest, Orlando: Did you just want to let us know that in addition to being awesome at the internet, acting, comedy and charming the pants off of everyone you speak to, you’re also awesome at singing?

You can brag. It’s fine. We’ve already tweeted our Shorty Award vote.

Posted by:Jean Bentley