orphan black gift guide clone club 'Orphan Black' Gift Guide: Holiday presents for the Clone Club members in your lifeIt might not even be Thanksgiving quite yet, but you can celebrate Black Friday a little early with Zap2it‘s handy holiday gift guide for the “Orphan Black” fan in your life. (Get it? “Black” Friday? Whatever. Alison would’ve totally laughed at that.)

Bonus: Due to the fact that there’s very little official “Orphan Black” merch available, most of this stuff is both fan-created (go fandom!) and affordable (yay cheap!). Here are our suggestions to make your “Orphan Black”-loving loved one’s holiday the best ever.

orphan black gift guide red jello gi 'Orphan Black' Gift Guide: Holiday presents for the Clone Club members in your lifeGifts under $10:

Clone masks ($0):
Halloween may be over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t host your own Clone Club gathering at home. BBC America has masks for every clone, created by artist John J. Salomone, that you can print out for your very own club meeting. Just don’t tell anyone else about it, that’s totally against the rules.  

Strawberry jello ($1):
It’s Helena’s favorite food. Practice slurping it down like our favorite fallen weirdo. 

Cosima glasses ($3):
We can’t get as smart as Cosima without years of schooling, but we can try to look the part. Step one: a pair of black plastic-frame glasses. Step two: dreadlocks.

Cosima pendant ($9):
Keep the coolest clone close to your heart with this old-fashioned metal pendant that immortalizes Cosima in a glass cabochon.

orphan black fetch me something gay bracelet chasingatstarlight etsy 'Orphan Black' Gift Guide: Holiday presents for the Clone Club members in your lifeGifts under $20:

Soccer mom vest ($11):
While Alison seems to have a supply of Old Navy performance fleece vests at her disposal, us plebes can take to eBay to find the perfect addition to the Alison costumes we’re already planning for next Halloween.

Clone Club keychain ($11):
Think of this hand-stamped aluminum keychain as a membership card of sorts.

“Fetch me something gay” bracelet ($15):
Tatiana Maslany’s clones aren’t the only amazing parts of the show. This bracelet pays tribute to Sarah’s foster brother Felix, the most fabulous gay bartender/babysitter suburban Toronto has ever seen. 

Double Helix poster ($15):
This list of each clone’s name next to an arty double helix design could also serve as a very fancy way for Tatiana Maslany to present her resume to someone. Just saying. 

Riddle poster ($15):
Immortalize Katja’s last words — “Just one, I’m a few, no family too, who am I?” — in poster form. 

Clone poster ($17): All six ladies immortalized in one handmade digital print. 

Clone mug ($17): The same designer of the aforementioned poster also immortalizes each character in mug form. This Felix one is delightful. (Bonus: uses the British/Canadian spelling of “realise,” which is pretty appropriate for the Toronto-based show.)

orphan-black-seeestur-hoodie-fiercezucchini-Redbubble.jpgGifts under $50:

324B21 bracelet ($22):
There are plenty of hand-crafted pieces inspired by the genetic sequence that led Cosima into realizing the clones were all patented creations. This hand-stamped brass bracelet is particularly stunning, however.

Neolutionism shirt ($25):
Express your devotion to the show, and to the new science of self-directed evolution, in a less obvious way with this Neolutionism shirt. Colored contacts and tail not included. 

Season 1 DVD ($30):
Perfect for the “Orphan Black” fan who satiates their obsession with repeated OnDemand viewings or DVR stockpiling of old episodes. It’s so much easier to just pop in a DVD. Or, alternatively, give the discs to your friends who haven’t been converted into superfans yet, then hold on to this list for next year.

“I’m 324B21” wall hanging ($35):
Want something a little more sturdy than a simple poster? Try this 11″ by 14″ canvas wall hanging instead.

Riddle shirt ($35):
This simple 3/4-sleeve shirt also pays tribute to Katja’s riddle. 

Seeestur hoodie ($46):
Helena is amazing, you guys, and so is this adorable illustrated hoodie. (Helena is definitely not adorable, though.)

orphan black sarah biker jacket handm 'Orphan Black' Gift Guide: Holiday presents for the Clone Club members in your lifeGifts under $100:

Clone playlist ($55):
“Orphan Black” co-creator Graeme Mason created individual playlists for each clone. Want to know what’s on the iPod of everyone’s favorite hippie scientist clone? What about everyone’s favorite crazy-ass wild-haired rebel clone? Check out Alison’s, Sarah’s, Felix’s, and The German’s playlists too, then buy the songs on iTunes for your very own “Orphan Black” mix CD.     

Black leather jacket ($60):
Wanna dress like Sarah? Rid your closet of anything with color, then top every ensemble with a badass leather biker jacket, like this one from H&M.

Posted by:Jean Bentley