orphan black season 2 finale sarah 'Orphan Black' Season 2 finale recap: Male clones, baby clones, Paul returns and so much moreIt’s hard to even know where to begin talking about the eventful, epic “Orphan Black” Season 2 finale. Clone dance party, Ethan Duncan’s death, Marion’s baby clone, Hot Paul’s return, Hot Cal’s return, Rachel’s pencil to the eye, Helena’s kidnapping — oh yeah, and THERE ARE MALE CLONES AND THE MALE CLONE IS PROLETHEAN MARK.

We’ll get to all the Tatiana Maslanys in a second, but let’s start with what was, perhaps, the biggest reveal of many: Project LEDA never ended. Cal used his superior beardy computer hacking skills to talk to someone on the inside of the Dyad, and with Mrs. S’s inside man, together they revealed some pretty major things. Cal had been working with scary Marion, while Mrs. S and Paul (who had gone back into the military) were in cahoots. It turns out that while the Dyad and its controlling special interest groups continued with the Tatiana Maslany project, the U.S. Army kept working on it too, but with dude clones. And that dude clone? Mark.

While we’ll have to wait until 2015 to find out whether or not Ari Millen has the chops to pull off multiple characters at once a la Queen Tatiana, we can all agree that dude sure did a great job of playing creepy, and this is a great way to tie the Prolethean storyline back in to the show. When Helena left a few episodes ago, things weren’t really wrapped up, and we didn’t truly find out their motivation. Hopefully Season 3 will give us more back story — and reveal how Mark got there in the first place.

And back to the clones we already know: Sarah found out more about the scope of everything when she visited Marion’s home and found out that she had an 8-year-old daughter — who looked exactly like Sarah (and Rachel and Cosima and Alison and presumably Helena) did as a little girl. Of 400 attempts, little Charlotte is the only new clone who survived.

Cosima’s health declined even further — and things didn’t look any better when Rachel destroyed the bone marrow taken from Kira — but she was able to help Sarah escape from the Dyad before an invasive procedure thanks to a little contraption that, when set off, ended up with a pencil in Rachel’s eye socket and Sarah given enough time to snag Kira and get the heck out of there. Cosima also became the only one with the key to curing her disease when she realized that the key to Ethan’s sequence — which had only been in his head, and was lost forever when he offed himself — was actually in the copy of “The Island of Dr. Moreau” that he had given Kira. Maybe Cosima has hope after all!

Helena finally met all her clone sisters and had a ridiculous dance party with them. Oay, “OB” producers, we already know Tatiana Maslany is talented and your special effects are awesome. This scene was pretty gratuitous and cheesy, although watching each clone’s unique dance is fun (and we could watch Helena headbang forever). Unfortunately, when Helena finally took off from Felix’s apartment, she was kidnapped and brought to a special bunker. Fortunately, that’s how we found out about Mark! We already know there’s three of them — a soldier, the creepy scarred one in the cage with Helena, and Mark himself.

There are so many things to talk about — Mrs. S possibly betraying Sarah, Charlotte, male clones, Army Paul, Sarah and Cal’s potential for a real relationship, Ethan’s death, Rachel’s fate — so get to chatting in the comments. What was the biggest reveal? What was your favorite part of the episode? Did the season end just as amazingly as you hoped it would?

Posted by:Jean Bentley