orphan black season 2 cast poster spoilers 'Orphan Black' Season 2: Meet new clone Jennifer, see spoiler filled new poster
We’re definitely meeting at least one new clone played by the incomparable Tatiana Maslany during Season 2 of BBC America’s addictive sci-fi drama “Orphan Black.” Her name? Jennifer Fitzsimmons, a Midwestern teacher and swim coach.

The reveal comes courtesy Entertainment Weekly, where there’s also a photo and video of Maslany’s latest character. “Jennifer is a clone who was naïve, she didn’t know she was a clone, and was being monitored by her boyfriend,” co-creator John Fawcett tells EW of the new clone. “She gets sick, and with a kind of the version of the illness that Katja had. And of course, a version of the illness that Cosima has. Just that discovery alone is the kind of discovery that shakes Cosima. It really rattles her.”

Other deets on the newbie: We’ll catch glimpses of her past thanks to a video diary she keeps after being diagnosed. In EW’s clip, she mentions the Dyad, a.k.a. Dr. Leekie’s Neolutionist company, which is apparently treating her illness — and not very successfully.

Check out the video below, and read more details at EW. “Orphan Black” Season 2 premieres at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Saturday, April 19.

BBC America released the descriptions of the first four episodes — along with a brand new character poster — if you’re interested in some vague not-really-spoilers.

Posted by:Jean Bentley