orphan black season 2 premiere hot paul 'Orphan Black' Season 2 premiere, 'Nature Under Constraint and Vexed' recapThe Season 2 premiere of “Orphan Black” didn’t leave any time to ease you back into the story of Sarah, Cosima, Alison, Felix, Hot Paul, Evil Rachel and the rest of the Clone Club. And “the rest” means Helena too. (!!!!!) The episode picked up immediately after the Season 1 finale ended, with Sarah frantic and Kira missing.

Two creepy-looking dudes tracked Sarah down to a diner, but with the help of the gun-wielding proprietor, she was able to escape the bad guys (one of whom met a not-so-pleasant fate) by breaking through a brick wall. Never come between a mother and her child!

Evil Rachel made it seem like she had Kira, so Sarah spent the entire episode figuring out how to get to the proclone. After going undercover as Cosima at a Dyad Institute gala, Sarah managed to find her — and realized she didn’t have Kira after all. Paul, who’d been sort-of working with Rachel, is still on Sarah’s side, and let her get away, where she sought refuge at Art’s apartment.

As Sarah learned from Art, the cowyboy shot in the diner was a Prolethean, a member of the religious cult that raised Helena.

Cosima spent the episode dodging Delphine’s attempts to get her to join the Dyad Institute — and attempting to figure out something to fix the cough that she’s sure will lead to the same health problems faced by Katja in the pilot.

Alison helped Sarah try to get back Kira by procuring a gun from her local teenage grocer/gun/prescription pill dealer. The look on poor Ramon’s face when he delivered the weapon to Felix’s apartment and saw Sarah and Cosima? Priceless.

Oh, yeah, and the most important part of the whole thing, aside from how Sarah was able to hide the bruises and cuts on her face and pretend to be Cosima and nobody noticed, was the fact that HELENA IS ALIVE. That curly-haired monster is not dead yet, and still able to deliver the best zinger ever: “Excuse me, my sister shot me.”

Posted by:Jean Bentley