osama bin laden cartoon Osama Bin Laden dead: Animation depicts his dramatic death and afterlifeWhile there may or may not be photographic evidence of Osama Bin Laden‘s death, one Taiwanese animation company has put their own visual spin on the historical event.

]]> created a 1:30 minute animation titled “Osama Bin Laden get got,” which documents the location of Bin Laden as well as his dramatic death. Let us preface this by saying that we highly doubt the al-Qaeda leader was gunned down in a pile of Four Loko and then urinated on by US Military. But hey, you never know. Personally, we enjoy the celebratory chest bump shared by Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, and picket sign reading “Ji-ha-ha-ha!” The “memorial” video doesn’t stop there — We also get to see the types of activities Bin Laden is currently enjoying in the afterlife. At least he’s joined by the likes of Saddam Hussein and Adolf Hitler now. Watch the full video below and take special notice of Donald Trump‘s hair in the opening scene.

Posted by:Sophie Schillaci