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We have a feeling that the funny writer-director Luke Matheny and his short film, “God of Love,” got the attention of Hollywood when the film won the Academy Award for live-action short film. That prodded host James Franco to shout, “NYU, whassup!”
In “God of Love,” the New York University film student plays the lead in the film, which features several pop-jazz standards and a “Woody Allen-type” humor.
Here’s the synopsis, according to Matheny’s website:
“The adventures of lounge-singing darts champion Raymond Goodfellow, whose prayers are answered — literally — when he receives a package of passion-inducing darts.”

After taking the stage, Matheny wondered out about whether he should have gotten a haircut. But, we think the floppy mop of hair makes him even more memorable. Not to mention, his declaration of love for his girlfriend, who also worked on the film, in front of all of Hollywood and millions of viewers.
Watch the trailer for “God of Love” below:

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