oscars 2011 jackman 320 Oscars 2011: Hugh Jackman is never sitting in the front row againWe all expected the Charlie Sheen jokes at the 2011 Academy Awards, but the easiest target came as a bit of a surprise. Everyone had it out for “X-Men’s” Wolverine, Hugh Jackman himself!

Jackman, seated in the front row so the cameras could catch the best angle of his reactions, was first jumped on by the legendary Kirk Douglas when he was laughing during Douglas’ presentation of the Best Supporting Actress Oscar.

Apparently, the Aussies find Douglas hilarious. “Colin Firth’s not laughing,” he quipped. “He’s a Brit.”

Anne Hathaway, who sang with Jackman when he hosted the Oscars in 2009, then took the stage in a tuxedo. According to her, Jackman had begged off of singing with her this year, when it was her turn to host. She burst into a heavily altered version of “On My Own” — one line was, “He stuck his fake retractable claws into my heart when he left me on my own.”

Jackman, of course, took his licks with a big smile and a healthy dose of laughter. For now, at least. Maybe tomorrow he’ll start calling into radio shows and talking about how the only drug he’s on is Hugh Jackman.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie