franco hathaway oscar promo abc Oscars 2011: James Franco, Anne Hathaway won't pull a Ricky GervaisThe Oscars are finally upon us and it’s already been an interesting road. Much of the criticism surrounding this year’s hosting duo of the young and spunky James Franco and Anne Hathaway has subsided (for now) and after all those Oscar promos, we have been getting incredibly excited to see the pair take on the live broadcast.

In their first Q&A together, Hathaway and Franco tell The Hollywood Reporter who’s given them hosting advice, why they won’t pull a Ricky Gervais (or a Chris Rock) and how much of a shot they think Franco has at a “Best Actor” win.

“I talked to Jon Stewart,” Franco says of his hosting mentors. “He said he felt a little weird doing it because he didn’t feel like he was exactly from that world. He talked about this with Letterman too, and they are comedians, talk-show hosts, and here they were presenting to film people and they kind of felt like outsiders… He said we’ll be fine because we’re more insiders, though I feel like an outsider.”

As for guidance from a fellow insider, Hathaway says that Alec Baldwin gave her the best advice, saying “‘the thing to remember is, it’s not about you.'”

When asked about Gervais’ Golden Globes performance, and even more specifically — Chris Rock’s 2005 hosting gig where he singled out Jude Law — Hathaway was quick to say that’s not her style.

“I can guarantee that if you’re looking for someone to call people out, we’re not your hosts,” the 28-year-old explains. “I think that humor is really difficult to pull off, and I’m not particularly adept at it. I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing it.”

Adding, “I don’t mean to sound overly serious, but I am the youngest host in history and I have no business being cynical or calling anyone out. I certainly haven’t earned the right to do that.”

We love her humility — seriously, how can you NOT like that girl?

As for added pressure on Franco’s end, the “127 Hours” actor is pulling double duty as both host and nominee.

“Nobody is shy about saying Colin Firth is going to win,” he admits. “I’ve accepted that. By hosting, it makes it easier to go to the events and not feel like a total schmo.”

The Oscars air Sunday (Feb. 27) at 8 PM EST on ABC. Tune in to see Franco be, as we imagine, the anti-schmo. 

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