brad pitt gi Oscars 2012: Brad Pitt thrilled, Jonah Hill causes rumblesBrad Pitt is up for a Best Actor Oscar for his role in “Moneyball.” That film and “Tree of Life” in which Brad stars are up for Best Picture. Pitt has it all. A zillion children, a hot lady (Angelina Jolie, as if you didn’t know) and some pretty fantastic awards season prospects.

Pitt tells EW that he’s “over the moon” about the nominations. “”[These projects spent] years in gestation, with many stops and starts, a
whole lot of people involved, even people putting their jobs on the
line, so this is it, a great honor for everyone
involved.” Well, yes, it is. Especially co-star Jonah Hill, who’s nomination produced a rather strange rumble in the room where the nominations were announced.

Pitt calls Hill’s nomination for Best Supporting Actor “icing on the cake.” For many reporters, it was a surprise. Hill tells the Wall Street Journal “I was completely surprised. I was so overwhelmed and surprised and happy.” Well, we’re happy for you too, Jonah. Surprise or not, it was a wonderful performance and it’s nice to see the Academy recognizing great comedic performances like Hill’s and Melissa McCarthy‘s in “Bridesmaids.” Let us know if you think the Academy got it right or if they’re way off.

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