george clooney mom nina Oscars 2012: George Clooney's mom Nina 'wasn't aware he could give' that performanceIn a lovely segment that we believe began at last year’s ceremony, ABC once again did a piece about the “Mominees,” or the moms of various nominees (not just actors, but costume designers, cinematographers, etc.). George Clooney‘s mom Nina (pictured above with George and girlfriend Stacy Keibler and who looks younger than she has any right to) said some cute things to say about George.

“George went to L.A. when he was 20. He said I’m the best known unknown actor out here and I’m paying my bills and if that’s all it ever is, that’s OK,” says Nina. “I wanted him to pursue what he wanted to do.”

And she adds of his Oscar-nominated performance in “The Descendants,” “It’s a performance I wasn’t aware he could give.”

Aww. It was a much nicer sentiment than perhaps it sounds like here. 

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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