mark wahlberg ted oscars Oscars 2013: Find out how they animated Ted during the broadcast

Though viewers at home saw Mark Wahlberg standing on the 85th Academy Awards stage next to the animated Seth MacFarlane creation Ted, it turns out the actor actually was up there alone. It was Tippett Studio who brought the animated character back to life for the Oscars, which was quite a challenge considering the broadcast was live.

The same team behind creating the crass bear for “Ted” were responsible for animating him on Oscars night. To do so, Tippet Studio’s Blair Clark had a duplicate of the Academy Awards stage created at CBS Studios, and then filmed 10 different versions of the skit. As winners weren’t announced until Oscars night, it was up to Clark to make sure that the right pre-animated segments aired during the show.

“It’s always enjoyable working with Ted, and having him present at the Oscars was an exciting challenge,” Clark says in a statement. “As well, working with Seth and Don was great. Their trust and support made a technically ambitious presentation with a tight deadline run smoothly.”

Posted by:Terri Schwartz